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Since 2003 this is my primary area of work.

Unlike most enthusiasts at that time my focus was always on deployment and operations of IPv6. Of course the scientific and protocol centric aspects were also interesting me, but really as a means to that end.

With the time for IPv6 deployments running out, and enterprises becoming increasingly aware of the need to deploy it, I am myself increasingly focusing on full-time or near full-time involvement in such projects as both long term expert and technical coordinator between the teams and departments.

The Internet of Things (IoT)

With long time expertise on IPv6 and my interest in microcontrollers combined I somehow found myself dragged into the Internet of Things (IoT) line of work.

Again, my focus is on the network side of the topic, but in this case it is more about protocol design and standardization issues, especially with regard to the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF).

Other Areas of Expertise

Networks in general
(Linux, Solaris, BSD, and others)
Datacenter Infrastructure
Backup, monitoring, configuration management, provisioning, orchestration, remote management and more
IT Architecture
Especially large systems and environments
Security Architectures
...because security starts with a sound architecture
Datacenter Operations
Change management, coordination between technical expert groups, and more
IT Project Management
Wherever technical expertise in the project management is wanted...


Technical Studies


2017-01-25..27, IPv6 on Linux, Linuxhotel, Essen (German)
This is my longest running IPv6 workshop, with particular emphasis on Linux (and whatever else the participants care about).
2016-12-13..15, IT-Tage 2016, Frankfurt/M (German)
I (once again) present on IPv6, this time from the enterprise and non-network perspective.


BIVBlog #46: Bitwise Operators in C (not only) for Microcontrollers is now the latest episode in my microcontroller tutorial series of my video blog.
BIVBlog #44: Thoughts on the RIPE-73 Meeting in Madrid is now online in my video blog.


My private home page contains a number of gems from the last 25 or so years.

The BIVBlog (Benedikt's IT Video Blog)

In my video blog (BIVBlog) I show whatever I am currently work on or am otherwise interested in. Aside from IPv6, which is my bread and butter business right now, I cover a range of other topics that don't necessary have anything to do with myself making a living.

Myself, Benedikt Stockebrand

I am Diplom-Informatiker with somewhat unusal areas of expertise. More about that in my vita.

And just for the fun of it I'm also one of the (co-)chairs of the RIPE IPv6 Working Group.

Stepladder IT

Stepladder IT Training+Consulting GmbH is a one man company (roughly the German equivalent of a Limited) I founded so I could subcontract trustworthy colleages for larger jobs. Yes, this is a German tax thing.

The idea behind the name is that I eventually consider it my job to help my customers to reach things they could barely reach without help.

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